Maine Mendoza Praised by Company for Positive Results

Maine Mendoza is indeed an effective endorser who deliver results. Recently she became the face of TikTok in the Philippines. After her event, more and more users were enticed to install and use the video sharing app. TikTok thanks Maine Mendoza for her effectiveness. It only goes to show that Maine is really phenomenal when it comes to endorsing. If you have not yet, install the TikTok app using your iPhone or Android phone, just search TikTok from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Other news related to apps. The WhatsApp Dark Mode is shown in some screenshots: it will not be a “friend” of the OLEDs

WABetainfo’s colleagues are as usual to give us a preview of some of the news that will arrive on WhatsApp , the most used messaging app in the world. In the beta version number 2.19.82 the Dark Mode makes its appearance , the mode that will make black prevail with white lettering.

At the moment the Dark Mode is shown only in the Settings section. In this regard, the development team has redesigned much of the Settings interface to make them compatible with the Dark Mode. But there is one to underline, but for the moment let’s take a look at the first screenshots we promised:

As we said there is one though: the colleagues of WABetainfo have compared the screenshots of the Dark Mode on Android and the one on iOS . From the comparison, which you find below, you can see how the dark mode on Android does not make the interface completely black, but of a very, very dark gray . But there is to say that at the moment it is in beta and it is certainly not ready for the general public. It is possible that the team ” solves the problem ” making the whole thing actually black.

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