Maine Mendoza “Not Assuming” & More Famous Than Pastillas Girl: AlDub Nation #ALDUBStayWithMe

AlDub fans are now defending Maine Mendoza from haters who bashed Yaya Dub for disguising during the Lifehouse concert. The bashers called Maine assuming and that her disguise should not have been because people’s attention are not focused on her but the band. These haters then compared Maine to Pastillas Girl, Angelica Yap who came as herself with her Show suitors.

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Maine Mendoza aka “Yaya Dub” was invited by one of the members of the band Lifehouse who held a rock concert here in Manila last week.

She attended the concert but was wearing differently so that she will not be recognized.

Maine Mendoza

Her disguise however was bashed by some netizens on social media.


Bashers said that the Dubsmashers Queen is hopeless romantic, baduy, jologs, abnormal and being “ilusyunada”.

According to them, she really won’t be noticed because people are focused on the concert and not to her.

They compared Maine to Ms. Pastillas, Angelica Yap, who came also that night with her Mr. Pastillas suitors, looking as being her.

Because of these Aldub Nation came to rescue Yaya Dub. They believed that this people are fans of Pastillas girl.

According to Jun Acsay Jr. – “Maine Mendoza is very well-known as in one occasion in Juan for All All for Juan, she nearly got hurt when people kept on pressing to be near to her. What Maine Mendoza did during the concert of the Lifehouse is proper since she has no security with her. We the AldubNation only would like to protect her that she will not get hurt and being mobbed by people. As you can see now, Maine Mendoza is very well-known compared to Pastillas Girl evidence by several TV Commercials of Maine Mendoza. And recently the award she got from CBCP. If Pastillas Girl went to the concert of her suitors without any disguise is because nobody would mind her. On the part of Pastillas Girl, she has no TV Commercials. Maine Mendoza is already a certified actress, not like Pastrillas Girl. It is Pastillas Girl who should be very careful of herself since these guys she is associating with as her suitors would not be sure if they are really interested with her or what these guys wanted is her body. As for me, if I am the father of Pastillas Girl, I would not allow her to go out and flirt with boys much more her suitors and go to bars at night. These guys should go to the house of Pastillas Girl if they are really sincere with her. As for me, Maine Mendoza could not be compared with Pastillas Girl.”

Sylvia Orinion Dela Cruz also said, “You don’t have to blame Maine why she did that , someone is taking care of her safety , her manager , management of EB, they just protected her. She is not assuming…she has to follow some rules, and you should understand that. Don’t have to be comparing her to that pastillas girl, its toooo farrrr…”


Maine Menoza

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