Maine Mendoza Nag-iisa Ka Talagang Reyna Ng Pambabaeng Kalinisan

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She is the face of feminine hygiene as women of today are more conscious about their feminine side. It is said that cleanliness is linked to a better menstrual and reproductive health.

One of the topics that concern women when it comes to their feminine health is spotting.

blo0d loss between one menstrual cycle and another: what does it mean?


“Spotting”: when to worry. It can sometimes occur in conjunction with ovulation

The small episodic blo0d losses that occur between menstruation and the other are usually indicated by the term spotting, from English to spot, to stain; these are small blo0dstains that arrive between one cycle and another, when there should be no bleeding. Usually they are dark losses of modest entity, of uterine-derived blo0d: we should not be alarmed if they appear, but neither should we ignore or minimize what happened especially if it tends to repeat itself. Better to consult a gynecologist and undergo the appropriate tests.

“In some women, spotting may occur in conjunction with ovulation: when the mature egg is expelled from the follicle, a small blo0d loss may appear and be accompanied with pain in the side at the ovary that it ovulates,” he explains Anna Franca Knight Gynecologist at the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic Foundation IRCSS Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome and member of SIGO (Italian Society of Hospital Gynecologists).

It may happen that the actual menstrual flow is anticipated, a few days before, by small brownish losses. If this eventuality occurs systematically, however, the phenomenon may be a sign of the presence of fibroids, polyps or small lesions at the level of the cervix, the so-called piaghette. Sometimes these losses can also be a symptom of luteal insufficiency or endocrine dysfunction and depend, for example, on a thyroid malfunction or altered prolactin values.

Spotting and progeny therapy

When you start taking estrogen-progestins, pill, patch or vaginal ring just to mention the most common and used devices, for contraceptive purposes or for curative purposes such as, for example, in the treatment of acne or polycystic ovary or less-metrorrhagia or bleeding that can occur in the perimenopausal period, it is possible that blo0d loss may occur, especially during the first few months.

After about three months, however, the losses, which can occur throughout the intermenstrual period, tend to disappear. This happens because these preparations, formulated with a low dose of estrogen to minimize possible side effects, need a certain amount of time to reach the correct concentration in the circulation.

If the losses persist, despite the recommended waiting times have passed, then it is a symptom that that particular estro-progestin association is not optimal for the needs of that specific patient. It may also happen that the losses are not due to the characteristics of the product used, but for example, to the poor adherence of the patient, who may forget to take it regularly or as prescribed.

In this case it is better to look for another solution that is more appropriate to the patient’s needs. Women with a spiral can also experiment with spotting: in this case the phenomenon can be ascribed to the fact that the device cannot guarantee optimal levels of circulating hormones or the losses could be spies of the presence of endometrial anomalies or infection . Here, therefore, that bleeding should not be minimized or neglected, but it is necessary to confront your gynecologist when they appear repeatedly.

Spotting in menopause

“The blo0d loss in a woman who no longer has a cycle, especially if she is overweight or diabetic, needs rapid medical check-up: it could be a neoplasm particularly affecting the endometrium which, if detected early, can be cured. Even cervical cancer, at any age, can manifest itself with blo0d loss and therefore, the advice is not to neglect prevention and do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor »reiterates Anna Franca Cavaliere.

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