Maine Mendoza May Isinulat Na Kanta Para Sa Mahal Niyang Si A, Kasama Ba Sa Album Niya?

The internet and social media is abuzzed these days about the upcoming album of Maine under Universal.

And of course much talked about is the song track called Dimples which is a song supposedly written and dedicated to who else but Mr A

Hmmm there are many people named A in the life of Maine but which A is he?


Is it A as in Papa or A as in Babs? Let us know in the comments below, click like and subscribe and share.

Maine’s upcoming album is her debut one, following the success of their IYAP OST album.

Maine is a song writer herself, so it won’t be a surprise if she will pen some of not all of the songs.

The said album will be launched digitally too in platforms like Apple Music. Now here is the latest about Apple Music.

The paying subscribers on Spotify are now well over 100 million, practically double those of Apple Music. But in comparison with the streaming music of Cupertino it is necessary to keep in mind some fundamental factors

Spotify paying subscribers around the world round those from Apple Music, and now reach 100 million. It is announced by the same company during the presentation of financial results. Here are all the numbers of the music streaming platform which, for the first time in the US , had been exceeded by Apple Music for the number of subscribers.

The active monthly users of Spotify grew by 26%, with Premium subscribers reaching 100 million, up 32% on an annual basis, touching the maximum peak registered by the company. Surely, the performance was driven by the consistent promotions and discounts offered by Spotify in different countries.

This indication comes from the same Spotify managers who in the comments to the financial results have underlined the great success of the discounts for family subscriptions both in the United States and in Canada. Furthermore, the strong growth is also due to the increase in the Google Mini installed base, also for a promotion offered in collaboration with Google, as well as the Spotify Premium + Hulu bundles in the United States.

And then, while the number of Apple Music subscribers, according to the latest estimates, is equal to 50 million, a figure referring to last January, Spotify reaches 100 million. It must be said that the growth of users for Apple Music is certainly important, amounting to around 10 million users for the second half of 2018 alone.

Although in terms of the number of paying subscribers at the time Spotify has practically dubbed Apple Music, the direct comparison remains impossible in terms of revenue and turnover, this precisely because of the numerous promotions and the strong discounts granted by Spotify, practically non-existent instead in Apple Music.

Note that between Spotify and Apple is not an idyllic period. Spotify, in fact, presented an official complaint to the European Commission against the Cupertino company , accusing it of anti-competitive behavior. Apple has responded decisively , claiming that Spotify aims to have all the advantages of a free application, without being really free.

The two giants, however, will also have to guard against the advance of Amazon , which thanks to the battleship of intelligent Amazon Echo speakers also grows on the front of streaming music. It also seems that the giant of Jeff Bezos is planning a new service to offer Hi-Fi music in streaming , an offer for the moment absent both on spotify and on Apple Music.

An update on the Apple Music business could arrive from Cupertino on Tuesday 30 April during the presentation of Apple’s financial results .

Now back to Maine’s song, is it written for Alden or Atayde?

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