Maine Mendoza Is It True That One Member of Arjo’s Family Ignored Her

Maine Mendoza Inisnab Daw Ng Isang Family Member ni Arjo Atayde


Did a family member do this to Maine Mendoza? No this is not true. Netizens and fans reacted to an article online when an actress and sister of Arjo was asked about Maine Mendoza.

During the time that Arjo brought Maine into their house, this family member admitted she was late. Some fans believe that this was disrespectful, or showing hint that she may not be interested in Maine for her brother.

But perhaps some netizens are just reading too much between the lines. 

Maine Mendoza is raised well by her parents, she is decent and well mannered.

And in the previous months, she is asking her fans and people to respect her decisions in life.

“Yeah, I met her already. She went to the house. Arjo brought her there. The whole family was there. I came late, but I think everything went well.”

This was the statement of Arjo’s sister when asked about what she thinks about Maine Mendoza.

Meanwhile Maine Mendoza is so proud and excited for her soon to be blockbuster movie with Carlo Aquino.

Maine says that she is not pressured about making a blockbuster movie.

She is not the producer. So he only concern is that they can make a good movie.

It still seems like [the movie’s] quality is what matters to her. She does not expect their movie to be blockbuster or anything, but she just really wanted Carlo and her to deliver it. People will love what they can do together.

Presently Carlo Aquino and Maine Mendoza are doing film workshops.

She is excited to work with Aquino, Maine says. They are enjoying their workshops together. And in these times, she gets to know Carlo even more. She even revealed that they seem to be in agreement.

She discloses that they won’t have a hard time doing the movie together.

 The film which is under the indi arm of ABS Cinema will be shown soon. Maine is appealing to fans 

“Hopefully when it comes out, people will support and watch it. For the meantime, ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ will be our first watch,” she said.

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