Maine Mendoza Is Again The Winner In This Industry She Entered

It is not new to everyone that when it comes to endorsements, Maine Mendoza really has that Midas touch.


Whatever she endorses officially as in paid, or just those regular brands she uses everyday that fans see online, instantly they become a hit.

Still the advertising and marketing world are still amazed at the influencing power of Maine Mendoza.

Lately her entrance into the drinking water industry has caused quite a stir in a positive way of course.

As she endorses SIP Bottled Water brand recall and sales have been increasing, thanks to Maine’s unquestionable integrity when it comes to selling a brand.

Maine of course in her own right is already a brand herself, feisty, forward thinking, out of the box, this is why followers are hooked on her.

Her visibility online is translated into real world with giant billboards dotting EDSA both old school tarp and digital versions.

Celebrities like Judy Add Santos and Kris Aquino they all have endorsed household products. 

But Maine Mendoza, as young as she is, has already dominated almost if not all product category in a household. 

A testament of the influencing power of the one and only Empress of Endorsements in the Philippines and the Social Media Queen.

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