Maine Mendoza Continues To Be A Reliable Name in the field of Feminine Health

It is a testament that Maine Mendoza is a trusted name when it comes to hygiene. Not just of course in overall cleanliness but specifically for the needs of women.

This is why the international brand Betadine has furthered its partnership with the Queen to endorse their popular product Fresh Bliss.

These days, women are more particular and careful with their feminine cleanliness.

Professionals agree that proper hygiene also equates to a better reproductive health.

One of the pressing issues that women talk about these days are their fertility period.

One topic that usually arises is the Ogino Knaus method. What is it and how does the fertile period calculate?

Invented by Kyūsaku Ogino and Hermann Knaus at the beginning of the twentieth century, it is a natural method of contraception that is outdated, because it is based on statistical calculations and not on the actual symptoms of ovulation. Other natural methods, such as Billings, are more effective


“The Ogino Knaus method should now have only a historical value, because it is an old method for the natural planning of pregnancies (it had to serve both to avoid a pregnancy and to conceive a child). It is based on a calculation of the fertile days related to the duration of one’s menstrual cycle , but it is not very reliable explains Dr. Ferdinando Bombelli , head of the Functional Unit of the Unit of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele .

The limits of the Ogino Knaus method

“This is a method that does not work one hundred percent, because it is not based on real symptoms, but on a statistical presumption of what can happen in the current cycle on the basis of what has already happened in the past ones. All this without taking into account the many external factors, such as an illness or intense stress, which can alter the ovulation and therefore move the boundaries of the fertile window identified with this method .

In addition, there is also the “human factor” to be taken into consideration. “In order to avoid unwanted pregnancies, in fact, one should refrain from private encounters in the window of days identified. In general, however, these are long periods and often couples are unable to practice complete abstinence the doctor points out.

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