Maine Mendoza Appreciated & Thanked Fashion Pulis

In a new post by Fashion Pulis, Michael Sy Lim revealed their DM (direct message) exchange on Twitter with the Maine Mendoza.

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“Hi Sir Michael, I just want to thank you for being nice.

Can’t help but to send a message of appreciation.

More power to Fashion Pulis! ;-)”

DM by Meng on October 25, 2015 8:35 PM


Fashion Pulis then replied within a minute.

“Hugs and kisses my dear!

and yes my dear, you deserve THE BEST ;-)”

The posting came a day after Liz Uy pressed charges of 6 counts of libel and slander against the blogger for implying that the stylist made Mendoza to wear a recycled gown.

Liz Uy’s official statement regarding the case is below:

“As a former fashion editor, I was trained to uphold FAIR and RESPONSIBLE journalism at all times. When I transitioned into celebrity styling and accidentally became a public figure myself, I learned to embrace that being scrutinized by the public is part and parcel of that position. However, sometimes things can be taken too far and place me in a bad light, discrediting my hard work, my team, and my styling company.”

Netizens however are split about this move by FP. Some support Michael’s publicizing of the direct message to show that even Maine appreciated his concern while others think the blogger should not have dragged Meng’s name further into the issue.

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