Maine Mendoza and MAC Cosmetics, The Millionaire’s Make Up

Reasons Why You Should Use MAC Cosmetics Products Just Like Maine Mendoza


Naming MAC talking about make-up , it’s a bit like naming Angelina Jolie talking about sx symbol: an ageless certainty. Among the most “hype” brands of the web , its products have average prices and not low, but just make some considerations (and use a few tricks) to understand that they are worth up to the last penny and even more. Here because:

1. If it is the number mark of the stages there is a reason
When it says professional make-up: the MAC make-up is present in the backstage of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, in that of X Factor Italy and since 1995 supports 34 fashion weeks in 29 different cities with over 200 shows only in the 4 big capitals (New York, London, Milan and Paris). In short, on the stages it is tested and guaranteed.

2. Paying more than 1500 Pesos for a make-up lesson, I bring home 1500 Pesos of products
The make-up service of MAC Cosmetics stores allows you to convert the cost of advice to products of the same value ( by appointment ). The price varies according to the time spent and the type of lesson – 30, 60 or 90 minutes for 30, 60 or 90 € – and not only the makeup and advice service, but also a consideration in products (for example, if I choose a 30-minute trick I pay € 30 and I bring home € 30 of products). For free it is possible to have a lesson on how to enhance your look.

3. The foundation numbers speak for themselves
In particular, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid guarantees 100% coverage and definition, offers more than 50 shades, has an SPF 15 sunscreen and a duration of at least 8 hours: all this for 1866 Pesos. Since a 30 ml tube lasts just over 3 months, the investment is about 620.39 Philippine Piso a month: honest if you consider the miracles you can do every morning.

4. Brushes have the reputation of being the longest-lived
Online commentaries, forums and beauty bloggers all seem to agree that MAC makeup brushes are among those that last longer, without losing hair: more precisely we talk about “Potentially a life”, “even more than ten years”. When we say long-term investment.

5. Many limited edition products can be resold over-used
MAC makes many limited edition collections, often in collaboration with stars and artists, which are sold out quickly. When the demand exceeds the offer, the products may reappear on eBay or other sales platforms, offered by individuals at a price higher than what they paid (now there is the entire Mariah Carey collection at 41,253.64 Philippine Piso).

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