Maine ay sadyang malaki ang puso, may ginawa para sa empleyado

This week nga lang aba ay sini celebrate ang ikalawang anibersaryo ng McDonalds franchise ni Maine Mendoza. At balita nga ay malaki ang celebration at may malaking ginawa siya para sa mga empleyado nito.


Kung ano ito ay tanging sila lang sa kompanya ang nakakaalam, dahil nga meron silang tinatawag na NDA or non disclosure agreement.

Ang mga franchises ni Maine Mendoza ay bunga ng kanyang sikap at pagka epektibo bilang endorser sa McDonalds. Sinasabing pinakabata si Maine na tax contributor ng bansa.

Both Maine and McDonalds both belong to each other because of the credibility and trust people give to their names. Maine Mendoza always breaks the mould and shine brighter. McDonalds on the other hand continue to innovate with their products here and abroad.

Para sa mga Kababayan at AlDub Nation sa Germany, aba good news dahil meron ng McDo Vegan Burger

“Attention: also suitable for meat lovers! Because the Big Vegan TS is a classic hamburger with the typical McDonald’s taste! “. The most famous fast food chain in the world is keen to put the points on the “i” regarding the launch of the completely vegan sandwich in Germany, the first experiment in Europe.

No contamination , separate cooking but taste “intact” in Mac style for those who are vegan or even for those who want to try something different. The sandwich was announced by a TV commercial that tells the eternal arms race between environmentalists and rough meat lovers; a well-made storytelling that aims to present a product that, in the minds of the marketing experts of the big yellow M chain, does not want to create any conflict but rather sharing and, above all, serves not to take a precise position on the product , but to simply offer an alternative to those who have decided not to eat meat and derivatives anymore.

The sandwich is made with sesame bread, tomatoes, salad, pickles, red onion, mustard, ketchup and a wheat and soy-based burger , but we don’t know more about the recipe. The Big Vegan TS will also be served as a standard in the McMenu and can be combined with fries or salad as a side dish to a vegan menu. It is surprising that none of the big companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger were involved in the operation; the fast food giant seems to want to do it by itself, perhaps to ensure that the flavor obtained for Big Vegan is exactly what the public expects.

” Becoming better means for us that we have the courage to try new paths, ” explains Philipp Wachholz, spokesman for McDonald’s Germany. “Even though the vegan slice in Germany is still relatively small, the Big Vegan TS wants to follow the far-reaching trend of making non-animal products from time to time. This gives us more choice and we are also convinced that our new vegan burger will meet the taste of all McDonald’s lovers “.

Who will be eating this sandwich ? Certainly not all vegans, many of whom boycott McDonald’s in any case, beyond the 100% vegetable options offered, due to the history and message that fast food brings with it and the exploitation of millions of animals offered every day to make the millions of hamburgers sold by the chain. The problem, many animalists explain, is not to create an option in the midst of the flesh, but to change eating habits in a radical way.

Many people think that the “normalization” of vegan options in catering is not a good sign at all, but rather increases the risk of turning a philosophical movement of liberation and compassion towards animals and not, into a simple green “V” on the menus. The fact remains that the possibility of opting for a vegan option in places of a typically character represent an important political signal and attention to the habits of consumers who are the only ones, with their purchases that can really influence the decisions of companies.

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