MAC Lipstick by Maine New Stocks

Marami pa rin talaga ang hoping that they get hold of MAC lipstick by Maine. Despite news that the company declared a sold out.


MAC Lipstick by Maine New Stocks

Is there any remote possibility that there will be a restocking?

Of course, that in terms of schedule or date that is yet to be announced or finalized.

But certainly MAC does not want to disappoint their customers.

If you have existing MAC products though check out this cool accessory.

Transparent caps for your MAC lipstick by Maine

The beauty about this is that you are able to see through the shades of your lipstick.

Here is what users have said about the product:

PERFECT…resolved 2017 to get my makeup under control! As part of that initiative.

I wanted to find better solution for organizing and displaying my products.

I’ve always thought that you can be as organized and neat as possible but none of that matters.

If you can’t see the colors! These worked perfectly for the MAC lipsticks I have (seems obvious but lemme disclaim that anything in the bullet packaging works;

Alternative packaging products like Pro Longwear lipsticks WON’T work).

Happy coincidence was because I could store lipsticks bottom in (since the color name no longer needed to be visible) the carousel they actually fit better in the slots as the heavier bottom is inside so when spinning they don’t accidentally pop out…

So very happy with these little guys! I saw a YouTuber I watch show these on her MAC lipsticks.

And since I have 30+ MAC lippies myself, I had to get them. Seriously, I am in love.

I was skeptical about the fit and concerned they would be too loose fitting and possibly pop off in my purse perhaps.

But not the case at all. They fit like a glove. Feels almost the exact same as the actual MAC lids.

I feel like I have a whole new lipstick collection now simply because I can actually see all the colors!

I store my lipsticks right side up and it would be too difficult anyway with the bullet shape to do it upside down but I hate that I have to turn over every one to find the color I want (if you have a large MAC collection as I do, you know the struggle all too well)

I love these clear caps. I have several MAC lipsticks and now I can see all of the colors without having to remove the covers.

I haven’t tried these caps with other brands, so I can’t say how well they’ll work with a brand other than MAC.

I’ve ordered several items from Alegory and I have never been disappointed. Their products are shipped promptly and packaged beautifully so that everything arrives in pristine condition.

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