Lyca Gairanod’s Primetime Teleserye

Lyca’s fans are among the best! But recently, a Twitter discussion has been focused on what will be Lyca’s name for a leading role in a primetime teleserye.


It spawned an even more interesting discussion including the title of the series and even remaking the 90s favorite And Prinsesa at ang Pulubi originally starred in by Camille Pratts and Angelica Panganiban.

Why not?

So how about you? If ABS-CBN will give Lyca Gairanod a TV series of her own, what should be her name and what is the title of the series, comment below.

FireShot Capture - Lyca Gairanod's Prim_ - http___www.enchos.com_lyca-gairanods-primetime-teleserye_

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