Lyca Gairanod Rockin Out @MossimoPH OOTD, Vote Like or Dislike?

Lyca Gairanod here seen with her OOTD courtesy of Mossimo Philippines.


I have always been referring to her as Little Superstar.

But you know what it is kind of like an oxymoron, little (small) and superstar (it’s actually big).

Thinking about it though, stars do start out small.

I am talking celestial stars and they do grow bigger.

The more massive they become, the greater the gravity force.

And Lyca is just like that, in time, will be dropping the adjective little.

But just like anything that starts out small, she will be a stable and a great star.

Coz you know things that start small tend to last forever!

And speaking of forever, the “Forever’s Not Enough” singer and her Ate Coach, Sarah Geronimo, well, don’t they resemble each other?

Superstars and fashion icons.

Gosh, oh wait, for those asking why Lyca isn’t in Star Magic Ball?

Let’s wait, her time will come, and a grand entrance is just brewing for her. Hahah!

OMG, what do you think of Lyca rockin out this red checkered dress from Mossimo Philippines? Click like or dislike above.

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