Lost Samsung S5 Used By Davao Guy to Post Selfies

A careless registered nurse in Davao took a cab and forgot his precious Samsung Galaxy S5.


Now, days later the owner discovers that selfies have been uploaded to his Google plus page. These are photos of a young man named Rymon Lamoro Ang, who also uses the username Rymon Msdria on his Google account.

How did the photos came up to the owner’s Google plus?

Android phones are connected to a Google account which includes the Google plus service, a social network similar to Facebook. Any photo taken on an Android smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, are automatically backed up or uploaded to the Google plus page.

Thus explaining the surfacing of such selfies to the owner’s Google plus page.

The S5 owner have blottered the incident. But it is not yet clear if Rymon was the one who found and took the phone. The S5 owner have already contacted the taxi company but the driver insisted he never found the lost smartphone.

Just recently, the S5 owner got a tip that there was a posting of an online ad selling a Galaxy S5 for Php8,000.00. Rymon may have bought the device from the taker.

The S5 owner appeals to Rymon that return the phone and the sim, which he describes as very important since it is still unpaid under a Smart postpaid plan.

ry rymon

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