Look! Lovi Poe Has Nose Clip Inside Bag

Lovi Poe has a lot to thank for these days.


She’s got a wonderful love life, a supportive best friend – Heart Evangelista.

And yes a well rating teleserye Beautiful Strangers.

When inteviewed today by the press, everyone was shocked to see this object inside her bag.

It actually was a nose clip. Now this raises eyebrows if you’re kind malicious about it.

Nose clips are believed to be used by celebrities as a non-surgical alternative to having a nose job.

Nose clips are actually used by divers and swimmers but cosmetic enhancements has been its latest use.

Basically you just clipped it to your nose and expect that you gain muscle memory as the clipping forces your smelling organ to protrude.

Lovi Poe however defended that she and Heart both use nose clip to lessen the side effect of crying which they often do during taping of their teleserye.

Frequent crying, she explains, swells their nose and the clip will help it improve.

What do you think guys, is it just an excuse or what?

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