LOOK! Kris Bernal to Bashers ‘Guys I Still Eat’ … but why super thin?

So it is not new to netizens seeing Kris Bernal getting super thin as the days go by. In a new photo she posted on social media. She got bashed again.


Below are the bullets:

1.) Netizens suggest that she gain weight, as she looks dreadful in that really thin profile with thin muscles.
2.) She looks sick and unhealthy one commenter said.
3.) She should eat more and what is the purpose of getting thinner and thinner.

Kris quickly responded with a photo comment of her enjoying a full meal. And she captioned, guys do not panic, I still eat and I enjoy food. Here, have a look!

But she looks like a walking cadaver.

This is it, get up on your feet and read the latest , yes yes yes, this is something every body should pay attention to about now as this has been going on Facebook and Twitter and even on sites like Tumblr and news outlets recently.

As headlines now talk about kris bernal.

And yes this is what they have been talking about, as with the subject the hashtag or main forcus of the story, oh god, is this “kris bernal shows”

Tweets, (im not kidding) shares and even Instagram photos have been made circulated, aherm, on today

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