LOOK: KC Concepcion Shares Sweet Moment Photo With Aly Borromeo

Recently, KC Concepcion shared photo on Instagram.


It was a sweet moment photo with her and rumoured boyfriend, Aly Borromeo.

The photo has caption, “He grabbed me and took a selfie while walking in the rain, had no idea this was behind us! I quite like big clocks on handsome buildings, and handsome guys with big hearts. # #PalazzoMedici #KacecapadesFLORENCE”.

Because of this, netizens reacted.

Below are some of their reactions:

the_glenn_maceda – “Happy for you both. You are perfect for each other ❣️”

mkondezp – “I love the walking in the rain with the handsome guy @itskcconcepcion ”

esterbless – “Walking in the rain w/ your Handsome guy is so romantic in the romantic place❤️❤️❤️”

scout_ralley – “Wow!! Nice shot at the back KC with Gwapo Kapitan Aly so sweet..”

charrysel – “You guys are the cutest! ❤️ can we clone @alybor11? so happy for you @itskcconcepcion, super miss you na!”

Look at the photo below:


New photo by itskcconcepcion on Instagram. Posted on November 21, 2016.

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