Look! Juan Karlos Labajo Has This Strange Habit

Not really strange though, actually I find it cute and adventurous.


So lately, PhilPop Charmer JK shared photos of him seeing Doraemon.

And it’s the first time! In…  well, a monument of the animals character.

I grew up with this cute blue cat.

Although, I have to admit I am more of a Mojacko.

So going back to JK, he actually has this habit of sticking out his feet when riding.

And you can’t blame him? The adrenaline rush, the wind hitting your skin.

It’s like zen! It’s like for a brief moment you forget about life and be in the moment.

And this is why I love JK. I mean like as an artist ok. I get it that you also love Juan Karlos too.

And take a look at those pretty feet.

Oh wait, I sound weird already.

Anyhoo, please let me know what are your strange habits too that JK also does.

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