Look! Huawei P8 and P8 Max Launched as Bezel-less Phones

Bezel-less phones are the rage these days, but it is not Huawei who came up with it first. Commercial speaking it was Sharp with its Aquos phone who did it but it was crazily designed as yes, it may have 3 sides with no bezels or margins but that huge bezel at the bottom is a deal breaker.

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Come Summer 2015 here in the Philippines at least, we now have heard three bezel-less phones that have outed themselves.

Oppo came up with a leaked video, then there is leTV and then officially Huawei overtook them Chinese brands with these amazingly bezel-free at least on the right and left vertical sides only.

This is it, get up on your feet and read the latest , thats it, this is something you and everybody should know about now as this has been going on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and news outlets recently.

As headlines now talk about Huawei P8 .


And yes this is what they have been talking about, as with the subject the hashtag or main forcus of the story, yes yes, is this "Bezel less phones"

The news (love love love) about this has been circulating starting on the, sweetness, date April 16, 2015

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