LOOK: Gerald Anderson Joins Philippine Coast Guard K9 Special Support Squadron

Recently, the actor, Gerald Anderson shared his latest photo on Instagram.


In the photo, he is wearing the Philippine coast guard uniform.

He is officially part of Philippine Coast Guard K9 Special Support Squadron.

This is the caption of his picture:

“Signing the Oath of the Philippine coast guard.. Today on Fil-Am Friendship Day we started a special squadron to support the K9 Search and Rescue capability of the Philippines. We currently have 5 dog teams under training to be ready to respond to any disaster that may hit the Philippines. #coastguard #k9 #searchandrescue #military #guardiansofthesea #philippines” – andersongeraldjr

Below is the photo:

New photo by andersongeraldjr on Instagram. Posted on July 4, 2016.

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