LOOK: Gerald Anderson Joins Philippine Coast Guard K9 Special Support Squadron

Recently, the actor, Gerald Anderson shared his latest photo on Instagram.

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In the photo, he is wearing the Philippine coast guard uniform.

He is officially part of Philippine Coast Guard K9 Special Support Squadron.

This is the caption of his picture:

“Signing the Oath of the Philippine coast guard.. Today on Fil-Am Friendship Day we started a special squadron to support the K9 Search and Rescue capability of the Philippines. We currently have 5 dog teams under training to be ready to respond to any disaster that may hit the Philippines. #coastguard #k9 #searchandrescue #military #guardiansofthesea #philippines” – andersongeraldjr

Below is the photo:

New photo by andersongeraldjr on Instagram. Posted on July 4, 2016.

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