Lola Nidora Withdraws Movie Date for AlDub on KalyeSerye Sep 30, 2015

Viewers feel sad for ALDUB for not getting the second gift of Lola Nidora for their weeksary tomorrow, October 1.


This happened after Alden confessed that he touched unintentionally the hand of Yaya Dub on his first visit at mansion last September 26.

Because of that, the old woman got angry at them but at the same time proud of Alden for being honest to her.

But despite it, Nidora did not push through her gift to them. The gift would be allowing them to have movie date outside the mansion.

Alden thanked Lola Nidora for the trust and allowing him to visit the mansion.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

Krisha faith santos ‏- “Thanks for the honesty Alden. Once again you have proven your worth. AlDub is blessed. Hoping someday you and Maine will last forever.”

Pepe Alas ‏- “It’s very difficult to mix good values with entertainment these days. But EB’s KalyeSerye does it PERFECTLY.”

CharmMeAtSix – “Lesson for today: If u want to be trusted, be honest. If u want to be honest, be true. If you want to be true, be yourself.”

Aly Alonso ‏- “2 hardest things a person can do in this world: Asking for an Apology and Forgiving. This is the lesson learned at Kalyeserye today!


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