LizQuen Latest – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil In Love Na Sa 2016

If anything these two are the perfect couple.


With rumors now surfacing and suggesting that Liza has changed that is not true and it is baseless.

First, these two are very professional. Quen, the happy go lucky type, knows his responsibility and the best thing that happened to him actually is Liza, because she made him a better person.

So to be worried that Enrique might take advantage of Liza is just a wrong statement.

Liza is a smart girl and is brought up well. And she fully understood her responsibility as a teen role model and professionally as a partner in a love team.

If anything in 2016, time and lessons brought them closer together.

They are in love with their calling, with their families, with their fans and their management.

And in God’s perfect timing of forever, we won’t be surprised these two are bound to be together.


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