Liza Soberano Bashed for Covering Up Enrique Gil

After a few blind items, reports and netizens’ polarizing feedback swarmed social media recently about the behavior of Enrique Gil at a plane going to London, finally, the actor admitted his mistakes and asked apology from Jessy Mendiola and other people involved.


In his recent live interview, the young actor said, “”I had some drinks on plane, I mean, more than I should be having, so as a result things got out of hand. And for that, I want to apologize to my brothers and sisters from Star Magic. I sincerely apologize to Jessy Mediola, to JM De Guzman, if ever I offended him in any way, I’m sorry.”

I’m just human who makes mistakes, we all makes mistakes but you own up to it, you learn from it and you move forward,” the actor added.

He is hoping that people will understand and accept his apology.

Enrique also thanked his fans and Liza Soberano’s fans for supporting him and defending him.

The actor also thanked his love team mate for always being there for him especially in these days.

In the said interview, Liza was there beside Enrique.

Reports suggest that the actress slapped Quen during the incident to stop him.

A netizen questioned the presence of Liza during the interview and why she supported the actor.

Here is the message of the netizen posted on Instagram:

Basher of LizQuen

Another netizen also gave an advice to Liza saying, “look after yourself coz you will never know what [at]enriquegil17 will do when he is drunk. You deserve someone better.”

netizen 2

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