List of Dell, HP and Alienware laptops using new 2019 Samsung 15-inch 4k res OLED display

Samsung is a technology giant and as such is always busy on several fronts. If on the one hand you have to manage the arrival of the Galaxy S10 family , on the other you have to innovate in more sectors. With this in mind, the Korean company has created a new display for the notebook market .


Samsung has officially unveiled the first 15.6-inch panel made with OLED technology and equipped with a 4K resolution . The screen, thanks to OLEDs, allows an unprecedented visual rendering of the n as each pixel emits its own light . For the black color instead the pixel turns off completely thus obtaining absolute blacks.

OLED panels have an accuracy in color reproduction superior to the classic LCDs. For this reason the management of HDR is better and therefore the use of multimedia content is unparalleled, as emphasized by the certification DisplayHDR 600. The panel is able to achieve a brightness of 600 nits , which ensures perfect visibility even under the direct sunlight.

The only problems of OLED panels are those inherent in their nature. Burn-in problems can occur if the same image is displayed for a long time. In this case the PC security systems should intervene and avoid the problem with screensavers or turning off the display after a few minutes.

Samsung’s large-scale production is expected to start in mid-February. The main devices that will use the Korean solution will be the new Dell XPS 15, Alienware m15 / G15 and HP Spectre x360 OLED . Marketing times vary for each individual producer, but all these laptops will be presented by the summer.

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