LG L Bello Philippine Price is around Php 10,000

The long wait is over as the new LG L Bello is here and the price is expected to be Php 10,999.00 pesos but don’t fall in line yet until December 1, 2014 so good luck.


Why make your cheaper devices look like your flagship devices? Ugh. My LG G3 doesn’t look as special anymore.

LG is already like Samsung seeing that both companies originate from South Korea, anything Samsung does LG will do it also. So much bloatware that it will eat up your internal hard drive if you have anything lower than 8 Gigs, and don’t know the meaning of budget smartphone. I mean 480p 5inch screen?!?!?! 480p wouldn’t be acceptable on a 4.5 inch screen let alone 5inches!

Well Samsung did the same thing with the Galaxy Avant. that phone looks just like the S5.

To make people think it will be as good as the more expensive flagship.

LG is getting more like Samsung and coming out with too many variants of the original.

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