LG G3 Dual Sim LTE Capable comes to the Philipines at Php 24,569.00

Good day folks, sweetness, we are so happy to announce about this new device and it is the LG G3 Dual Sim LTE Capable has finally been unveiled and the official price, cool as ever, could be at Php 24,569.00 and it will (OMG) only, just so ill, sell though starting November 1, 2014 and definitely (dont be douche) worth a check but make sure to compare such phone to others, awesomeness to the max, before buying.


This company is not known to be good at it, sweetness, but hey anyway they have a new product and it is called LG G3 Dual Sim LTE Capable and the price for this, cool as ever, gadget is Php 24,569.00 pesos but (OMG) don’t fall in line, just so ill, yet until November 1, 2014 and there it (dont be douche) is the availabilit date and yup we too, awesomeness to the max, cannot wait.

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