Latest Pics of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo in 2016

Fans of the real life couple – Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo are clamoring for recent photos of the two.


The holidays have passed but fans are quite left wanting for a glimpse of their two together.

Well, let us not be too pushy about it and let our favorite stars be. Pretty sure, they are doing great and if anything these two love birds aren’t the type where they have to shout to the world their love for each other.

As what Matteo’s song says “Ipapadama Na Lang.” And the truth is, it even adds more to the kilig that despite absence of photos on social media, we know Matteo is taking care of Sarah.

It will be great ride for both Matteo and Sarah G this year.

On that note, here is Matty’s latest pic, captioned “first ride of the year.”

Below is Matteo’s latest pic on IG.

latest picture of matteo guidicelli

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