Kris Bernal Defender Calls Yaya Dub “Ugly and Abormal”, AlDub Fans Call For Peace

It seems like this photo of Kris Bernal and Alden Richards had gone haywire already.


So yesterday Kris Bernal posted a photo of her and Alden Richard. The caption sounds a bit fan girling. Yet supporters of Kris believe there is nothing wrong with it.

“He turns out to be even more good looking in person. Stay calm. Don’t make it obvious. And look, he’s showing his dimples again.”

Translated, this was what Kris wrote as caption for the photo.

As expected, this resulted in a storm of reactions from all spectra, from fans of AlDub, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, to Kris Bernal and even former love team-mate Louise Delos Reyes.

So it turned out that some of the AlDub fans didn’t like not the photo but the caption as it sounded like Kris was flirting with Alden.

Kris herself responded and asked for an apology for the misunderstanding.

But the fans of Kris Bernal backlashed and joined other AlDub fans in calling not to further bash Kris as she had no ill intentions but was just expressing her excitement and admiration for the PambansangBae.

The heated exchange of reactions between camps resulted in emotionally-driven

One defender of Kris (janine_0708) said that Alden and Kris even looked good together unlike Yaya Dub who she described as ugly and abnormal.

AlDubNation reiterated that fans should stay calm and stop criticizing Kris Bernal.

The best thing to do is support Alden, Maine and all the artists at GMA 7.

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