Kris Aquino To Run As Vice President of Mar Roxas in 2016

It’s confirmed that yes, Kris Aquino will be leaving Aquino and Abunda Tonight for health reasons. But on social media tonight, rumors are making rounds that Kris plans to be the running mate of Mar Roxas.


Kris Aquino has made it clear that she is taking it slow with her work as she is advised by her physician to focus on her health.

Going for office may be unlikely for the queen of all media, at least for now, netizens on Twitter suggest

Mar Roxas however is still struggling with his image, despite in house surveys showing him as trailing ahead of Vice President Binay.

But netizens see that 2016 will be hard for Roxas as Grace Poe has already confirmed she is running for presidency.

Having Kris Aquino on board will surely help Roxas’s candidacy.

Do you think Kris Aquino will run for vice president? Will you vote for her in the event?

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