Kris Aquino Revealed Not Receiving Financial Support from Her Sons’ Fathers Philip Salvador and James Yap

Recently, Kris Aquino answered the question of her followers who was asked regarding the father of Josh, her older son.


A netizen named krmbm5 opened the conversation asking “Just curios [at]withlovekrisaquino, why our son Josh father never mentioned? Was it a bad split or you just wanna keep it private! Love your show.”

Another follower replied the massage saying that the whole world knew that Josh’s father is Philip Salvador.

However, krmbm5 insisted saying (in English version), “I know that it was Philip Salvador. But I just curious why name is never mentioned. Is he out of the picture? If you know what I mean.”

Then Queen of All Media clarified the question and answered it straight.

Below is her reply and the full communication between her and her followers on Instagram:

Kris Son Josh

Kris Message 1 Revised

Kris message 2

Kris message 3

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