Kris Aquino Recalls Bonding Moments With Her Father Ninoy

Recently, Kris Aquino recalled bonding moments with her Father Ninoy on his birthday.


On Instagram, nai-share ito lahat ng “Queen of All Media”.

She posted a photo of her late father with caption:

“I got to know my Dad as a FATHER from May 1980 to August 1983. When he was jailed during Martial Law I was only 1 year & 7 months old. Those Boston years w/ him were SPECIAL- my Dad was brilliant & had a photographic memory. Our bonding would be while watching the evening news, him quizzing me about what I read in Time & Newsweek, us watching 60 Minutes and CNN, and every month on a Friday we’d have a Dad & bunso date, we’d go to Barnes & Noble and I could buy all the books & magazines I wanted for as long as I finished reading them w/in that month & then we’d have ice cream… I read voraciously- but you can see I lean towards fiction featuring lawyers & detectives, my magazines are about business, entertainment, and fashion, while my newspapers & online reading are political. Sabi kasi ng Dad ko- in any work I’ll enter being well read, well informed, and well prepared will help me get ahead of the pack. LABANAN daw ng depth & breadth of knowledge, the courage to speak & stand by the truth, and most of all the ability to convey your message w/ impact in a way that will make people listen, think, and react. 💛#November271932August211983 (My Dad died at 50 years old, just 5 years older than me now.)”

New photo by krisaquino on Instagram. Posted on November 27, 2016.

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