Kris Aquino Clarifies Why She Agreed To Have A Movie With Herbert Bautista

After the announcement that Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista Team up in a movie, netizens expressed their mixed reactions posted in social media.


Because of this, the “Queen of All Media” clarified the issue on why she agreed to to a movie with her ex-boyfriend.

On Instagram, Kris explained everything by posting a quote from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

On that quote, she posted a caption saying:

“I read this quote many months ago, thank you [at]noringai for sending it… I respect that some of you disagree with my choice, but maybe you should also respect my reasons?

  1. It’s just a movie, but we are being given that rarest of opportunities to answer all our WHAT IFs- through the eyes & expressed by the words of the hashtag hugotqueen Direk [at]tonet_jadaone.
  2. The storyline is realistic, family centered, funny, yet still uplifting & inspiring.
  3. Come on, a Cinema movie is the way we wish life could be: poignant, emotional, lovely, memorable, and with a heart tugging soundtrack…
  4. Because I’m not the same Kris I was 15 months ago, and I think I’m a more mature, positive, and “live each day as it comes” version of me.

And 5. Because even if it will only happen in a movie, I deserve to experience that happy ending.

That’s the last I have to say about our movie, as I said, we don’t start shooting until July. GOOD NIGHT.”

Kris Message

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