Kris Aquino Apologizes: Not Emotionally, Mentally Ready for Herbert Movie

It seems that the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino is serious about withdrawing from the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival movie entry with the working title, “All You Need Is Pagibig”.

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After she posted a message on Instagram last night and pointed out that it’s all about a certain movie project, today, October 7, Kris apologized to the people behind the movie.

On her Instagram, she said, “This post is for [at]malousantos03, [at]krizgazmen and Direk [at]tonet_jadaone… I’m sorry for the stress I put you through, the many wasted hours working on the project, and all the effort you exerted… I was wrong to commit to something that in all honesty, I am emotionally, physically and mentally not ready for… #hiyanghiya #IAmSorry” .

Kris Aquino

Is this means that her decision is final?


Here are some of her followers’ reactions on her post:

Ruuella – “You have so much going on. Sometimes all you need is to just step back and give a little more time for yourself. You deserve it; don’t feel like you’re obligated to take on every single project that comes your way. Sometimes it’s just not meant to happen.”

Bhebzygallego – [at]withlovekrisaquino you are not a jerk of saying NO.. You decided and chosen what is best for you.. So Don’t Regret it just stand with your decision.. God has a better plan.. And always remember everything happen for a reasons.. And of course your health is your Wealth.. Am sure the person you mention above will understand your health situation.. Stay Strong and God bless you… We are happy if you are Happy.. We support you whatever your Decision.. Hug you tightly and kisses all the way from Denamrk.”

Gellyyymeee – “The conflict/problem that appeared is God’s sign. Maybe it’s a No for now. Cheer up Ms. Kris. We’re all here for you.”

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