KimXi – The LT Who Doesn’t Need Promo


From – If you’re a fan since they started and long waiting for their dance prod together onstage, you know how much it feels! Super saya! 
#ADateWithXian July 9 na, hipe you can buy your tickets now, habol na! #KimXi #XianLim #KimChiu 


We can’t wait even more!

Now we have always stated before how a big fan we are here of the KimXi love team. No partiality, just pure objectiveness.

Because out of the handful of LTs today, these guys are more than just kilig. 

We’ve seen them grow and master their crafts, but it is what happens behind the camera that really impresses us.

Xian gives so much importance to Kim. Even in the midst of being in a project away from the Chinita Princess he makes sure he keeps constant contact and looks forward to their get together.

They have made it public that it is not about the label because clearly these days labels are just used to count months, years which are nothing but numbers.

What’s important for Kim and Xian is the quality time and the moments they share and create. 

And talent wise, Kim and Xi aren’t short of it. And acting wise, they have it all. From comedy to drama, I mean these two have worked with veteran actress Vilma Santos and that speaks a lot.

But isn’t this post nothing but a promo for Xian’s concert? Hell, it is. There I said it.

BUT AS A LOVE TEAM, God knows how much hell and heaven Kim and Xian went through these past years.

And they are still here standing STRONGER than ever.

No gimmicky declarations.

And with those rumors that Xi is gay. First of all that rumor is very homophobic. Second, just because a guy is talented, artsy and not the brusko type doesn’t mean a guy is gay.

People have so much stereotyping about a guy should look, dress, behave and do.

Not a lot of people can just accept that there is a person who is as talented, good-looking, well mannered and most importantly intelligent as Xian is.

If anything this post is a promo. Yes. But is there anything here that fans don’t know about them?

The problem with other LTs is that they need to do something flashy to sell themselves to NONFANS. And that is what definitely is a LOVE TEAM PROMO.

At the end of the day, at the closing of the curtains, at the packing up of a taping, what’s important for Kim and Xian  is how they love and care for each other. With or without a project. This is what impresses the KimXi universe.

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