Kim Chiu’s ‘Eyebugs’ Tweet: Netizens Defend

It is has been a week now since a blog noted the spelling slip of Kim Chiu on Twitter and IG.

The post went:

“hello everyone!!! (clap) (smiley) eyebugs!!! (eyes)(emoji) greetings from [at]haidzfernandez and yours truly!!! (smiley)…”

The link is no longer available now but a screen grab was taken.

Critics of the Star Magic talent were quick to criticize the mistake posting comments on the blog site like it should have been eyebags instead of eyebugs, even noting the error on the word greetings which according to the bashers supposed to be greetings since there were two of them giving it.


While the critics were correct to point the spelling mistake, such a thing is seen pointless since this is social media and things like grammar or spelling are often not taken seriously.

In this day and age of emojies and abbreviations and social media jargons, the important thing is that the message is sent across.

Eyebugs, eyebags, readers, fans or not, know the actress is referring to one thing.

And besides that is an IG post, a Tweet, it is social media, not a lesson plan on English 101. Although, Kim is serious in being a good role model and is keen with her language and communication skills.

Commenter A said “even Americans make mistakes, spelling or grammar, come on guys!”

Commenter B said “is that photoshopped? She had it typed correctly on her post.”

Commenter C pointed “so what if she made a mistake? Everyone does.”

In some other news, but still Kimmy news, the Chinita Princess flashes with a new hairdo today, super straight hair and she simply knows how to rock it, yeaaah!

So much for the eyebugs!

“Happiness is a choice, you’re as happy as you choose to be!” straight hair dont care!!! #Rejoice – Kimmy

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