Kim Chiu Will Always Be A Fashion Icon, No Sweat

Kim Chiu Will Always Be A Fashion Icon
From @teamjandy – #Repost from @starstudiomag –
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Sarah Lahbati and Kim Chiu looked stylishly hip and edgy in this ensemble: denim jacket/button-down with patches + denim shorts + red neck scarf. 

We love this fresh take on the denim-on-denim look. 

Photos from @rjdelacruz @pattyyap – #KimChiu


StarStudio originally posted this on social media. Both Sarah and Kim rocked it very well. No need to compare. Each has her own take and approach.

Without bashing other stars though, Kim Chiu, to be fair with her, is effortless in keeping herself stylish. 

That’s because in all her years in showbizness, she understands that being fashionable means comfort and style.

That is why she remains to be a fashion icon , then and now.

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