Kim Chiu Reminds About Social Media Responsibility

Recently, Kim Chiu posted a Tweet reminding social media users to be responsible in what they post and not be overly conclusive without concrete basis for one’s opinion.


In her Twitter, the Chinita Princess said, “Don’t judge if you don’t know the real story. Don’t base it on what you see. Know everything first, before making stories. (Translated)”

Kim is referring to the opinions of many social media users concluding that she had special treatment during her COMELEC registration.

A video was made viral of her RM falling in line but critics imply Kim Chiu had a special treatment.

The video however proved nothing.

It is a malicious attempt to bring Kim down who encourages young Filipinos to vote responsibly.

Her Tweet is really a reminder that we should research and find out the truth first before posting anything on social media.

kim chiu on Twitter

dont judge if you dont know the real story.. dont base sa kung anong nakikita ng mata.. know everything first, bago mag kwento..

Kim Chiu

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