Kim Chiu Looking Gorgeous For New TS Presscon, Fans Are Full Support


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From @kimchiulovee – Kimmmy! My heart is crying for you. 

I know this is gonna be hard, you have to be so professional because you will be working with an ex-lover, in which case you were actually broken – almost beyond repair but still you were able to find a man who was able to break the walls you surrounded yourself. 

There will be a lot of issues regarding this series, nevertheless, I just want to tell you HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU! 

Thank you for being so brave. You may receive a lot of comments – both good and bad – but always remember, true KIMSTERS at heart will have your back. I love you forever, Kimberly! 

Thank you for giving this project a chance. I’ve seen all the photos and I can still see the sadness in your eyes. 

Anyway, I know you will rock this. 

YOU ALWAYS DO! Lots of luck to the cast! #KimChiu #KCLAppreciationPost #KSYCGlam

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