Kim Chiu As Ina Is Further Proof She’s Philippines’ Universal Star

As Ina, the actress received praises from netizens and movie experts with how she portrayed her role in the movie.


It’s conclusive and concreting that indeed Kim is a versatile actress.

Below are some of the reactions and reviews on social media:

KIMINA ‏- “I’m totally impressed on how you portrayed your role as “Ina”.  Totally worth watching.”

Nelson Remo ‏- “Kim Chiu proved that she’s not limited to rom-coms. Her acting performance was impressive! Brava!”

Phil Dy – “Something I realized while watching Etiquette for Mistresses: I like Kim Chiu best when she’s speaks visayan language.”

Xila oniros – “Despite the movie’s sensitive theme [at]prinsesachinita remain to be cute and lovable. Congrats to the entire cast.”

CAG_27 ‏- “For me, Kim and Iza stood out in the movie. Now I can really say that [at]prinsesachinita deserves all the praise she’s receiving right now.”

I love KiMulan ‏- “[at]prinsesachinita kudos to you and the entire casts. Superb acting! Truly a remarkable film. EFM truly made us realize our WORTH as women.”

But here’s my take on Kim’s performance.

The Chinita Princess’s signature rom-com approach has few hints here.

In our earlier review last Wednesday, we commended Kim for taking us into the world of mistresses, for us people who are not privy to this kind of life.

So how did she do it?

As a character who is naive, young, Kim gave us a relatable experience, the feeling of losing your innocence and that dilemma of trying to go back to the life you used to live but could not leave the present you so dearly hold on to.

That’s why I disagree with reviews that the Ina role really fits Kim. It’s unfair because when you say it is fitting that means all of the characters personality matches that of the star that portrays it.

Kim revealed that Ina is three quarters her. Still a quarter is a lot. And you know when you scrutinize Ina’s profile, she’s gullible. And Kim Chiu in real life is not.

Ina and Kim are both from Cebu, they speak Cebuano of course, they both sing and dance, spotlight is where the belong, but it all ends there.

And this is what separates Kim from other stars who recently played mistress.

Kim Chiu here didn’t put on an Ina character, she actually gave birth to a character that otherwise was difficult to portray without first hand experience or age maturity.

This reminds me of how stars really work. They are their own reactor, source of power and light. Planets depend on them. And in fact what makes up planets and comets, is what makes up stars.

That’s what Kim Chiu, a true universal star. She creates and she shines.

Kim Chiu as Ina

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