KC Concepcion TV Projects 2016 @thisiskcconcepcion

From @thisiskcconcepcion


One of my fav Southeast Asian meals? 💛 Filipino Chicken BBQ (“Inasal”) • 

Knotted long beans w/ coconut milk (“Ilonggo Express”) • 

Black rice 🙌🏼 || Black rice has tons of Vitamin E & antioxidants – if you’re like me & can’t live without rice like a true Asian, this is a great substitute for the white rice staple! 😅 



This is KC’s latest post today on ig as she shared one of her favorite

Meanwhile,  fans are asking the Mega Daughter about her projects this 2016 in showbizness.

While some are supportive of KC and Al, some can’t help but wonder if she and pj could be working anytime soon.

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