Kathryn Bernardo’s Reaction Seeing Daniel Padilla & Sarah Carlos In Bed

The PSY series tonight is very intense. KathNiel fans are happy that Kathryn Bernardo’s character has learned to fight for her love for Daniel Padilla.


But wait, she will catch Daniel and Sarah Carlos in bed?

What will be the reaction of Kathryn?

For sure, KathNiel fans will defend their Queen. Good luck Sarah!

Below are some of the reactions of netizens:

Kathinspiredme – “I hate this I hate this I hate this. So unfair. I hope Yna will move on for reals this time or maybe go to California. Angelo looks like he’s actually falling for that pathetic BB’s words uuuggghhh I hate you BB. Do me a favor please. Get outta here!!!”

Drizzle.dazzle – “Like this scene is really needed?! What for? Just like that bb starlet who can’t act!.”

Kathnielkxn – “Thank you for ruining my day [at]starcreativestv.”

Ruby41393 – “Worst remake!”


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