Kathryn Bernardo Versus Miles Ocampo – Wasted Friendship

A couple of days ago, Miles Ocampo posted a cryptic message on Instagram apparently a stab at an old friend who does not value, well, friendship.


Miles wrote in Filipino, a true friend won’t leave you for nothing.

She posted this on her official IG account [at]milesocampo. She tagged [at]Badjismo, apparently a reply to the infamous snubbing incident during the 9th Star Magic Ball wherein Direk Bobot Mortiz, the actress’s mentor and director of the show Going Bulilit.

Later on it was found out that Kathryn Bernardo apologized to Direk Bobot.

However, it turned out that the friend Miles referred to in her Instagram was Kathryn Bernardo.

At least this is what showbiz columnists and netizens suggest. Kathryn may be a bit choosy now with her friends since she has achieved a higher status in showbiz. Netizens think “CHOOSY” is Kathryn’s favorite word just like in her TV commercial for Nescafe Creamy White.

But people on social media, hope that the two will patch things up.

miles ig

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