Karylle Makes Wedding Announcement On The Noontime Show

Today, February 8, the singer-host Karylle makes an announcement on her upcoming wedding to her boyfriend Yael Yuzon.


Yael is a Filipino musician best known as the vocalist and guitarist of the band Sponge Cola who met Karylle three years ago.

The host starts thanking all her family on the noontime show who give support from being a guest hurado on the show until being a regular host.

Then, she made the announcement before the ending of her message by saying, “Thank you all for helping me reach the next level. Next month (March), we wed and the new chapter begins.”

After the announcement Teddy, Jugs, Jhong, Kuya Kim and Billy serenade Karylle as of their advance wedding gift.

All this things happens before the show started.

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