KalyeSerye Sep 22, 2015 Episode Gives Netizens Mix Emotion #ALDUBNextChapter

Last Saturday was the record – breaking episode of the KalyeSerye on EB which got 12.1 million tweets on Twitter.


However, after the first ever date of ALDUB or Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and the vehicle accident of the latter, the noontime serye viewers are having mixed emotions.

On social media, some netizens believe that Yaya Dub suffers amnesia but this time she can already speak.

Others are also worried that she might forget Alden for what had happened.

Today, fans and supporters of the KalyeSerye continue following the life of ALDUB as they move to the next chapter of their lives.

The hashtag, “ALDUBNextChapter” trends on Twitter.

Below are some of the netizens’ reactions about today’s episode:

Ella M ‏- “Alden and Maine will surely watch [at]bryan_white only with chaperone grandma Nidora and the Rogelios.”

Pusaaa ‏- “I’m so happy to leave our past behind. I’m now going to start a new chapter in my life with the lessons I’ve learned.”

Tiny Treasures – “I wonder what’s gonna happen with Yaya later? What will she say next?”

Nico Robin – “That excitement giving me an unexplainable feeling. Kil-ig feels… Nothing but the AlDub effect!”

RomsDMD ‏- “Yup! Bulaga’s kalyeserye reaches out to the old and new generation via social media and mainstream TV”

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