KalyeSerye October 7, 2015 Episode Makes Viewers Excited With #ALDUBTogetherAgain

Viewers and fans of AlDUB are excited today on “EB: KalyeSerye” because they were expecting that Alden Richards will be back.


The actor was not around in the show yesterday October 6 because he attended another commitment at Camarinez Sur with Kris Bernal.

This made the viewers and Yaya Dub felt sad.

On the other hand, on social media, netizens posted their thoughts.

They posted their reactions using the hashtag, “ALDUBTogetherAgain”.

Here are some of their reactions:

Nico Robin ‏- “Time and distance don’t mean anything when I know they will embrace and hold each other again!”

Aldub you ‏- “A strong relationship start with two brave people who are ready to sacrifice  anything  for one other.”

Strawberry ‏- “ALDUB promotes good vibes and positivity. Good values and happiness!  ALDUB is LOVE! Hope fans will also do the same!”


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