KalyeSerye October 15, 2015 Its #ALDUB13thWeeksary

The actor Alden Richards is back on “EB: KalyeSerye” yesterday after one week of absence due to his commitment outside the show.


Aldub Nation is happy because the ALDUB or Alden and Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub are reunited.

However their happiness turned emotional because Yaya Dub needs to leave because Lola Nidora sent her to the province to protect her from her mother Isadora.

Because of these, the meeting of Alden and Yaya Dub turned also emotional.

Today that ALDUB is celebrating their 13th weeksary, what will happen?

Will Aden celebrate alone like what Yaya Dub did on their 12th weeksary?

Below are some of the netizens’ reactions on today’s episode:

Nicojonah ‏- “Wow. Alden is in Barangay and may surprise for Lolas.”

Chino De Leon ‏- “Isn’t it nice to see old tradition of courtship? Aldub prove the real intension of love is getting to know the family too.”

Charmaine412 ‏- “That kil-ig on his face! Grabetti! I’m just soo excited if the real date of Richard and Maine happens.”

Yaree ‏- “How could Alden Richards be this sweet and respectful? Such a gentleman!”

ShaLeigh – “This was probably one of the craziest and funniest thing that Alden has ever done in his life.”

Alden Richards

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