KalyeSerye October 13, 2015 Cast In Disguise #ALDUBStayWithMe

Today on “EB: KalyeSerye” episode the leads are disguising because they afraid that Isadora, the mother of Yaya Dub will come and get her.


However, someone called Lola Nidora and can still identify her look.

Netizens are enjoying the show while watching on TV.

Below are some of their reactions:

Aldub_Bulaga Pinas – “Maine Mendoza is very versatile! She can act, dance, sing, play drums.She can do Drama & Comedy.You’re the best.”

MaiDenOFCBicol ‏- “This episode proves that Maine can stand on her own. Even without the love team. Such a talented lady.”

Liz ‏- “Kalye Serye is a live representation of a stage play w/ moral values sets up in the Kalye with multi talented artists.”

Dottie Libiran ‏- “ALDUBStayWithMe As what Mr. Joey de Leon said Ms Maine is rare! She will surely stay in her career for a very long time!”

ALDUB_IFOLLOWBACK – “Good job Kalyeserye. Surprise is an everyday habit in Kalyeserye.That’s why every episode is worth waiting for.”

Nico Robin – “Each of them can play each other’s role, perfectly! Hands down to KalyeSerye casts!”


Maine Mendoza

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