Julia Montes Tells The Truth & An Important Beauty Regimen

Don’t you know that Filipinos before used ash and water only to cleanse their face?


Yes, those days without beauty bars and cleansing product, Filipinas in the old days and we are talking about the Spanish era, they are using only ash and water.

When you say ash, that’s ash that is left by burnt wood. And they were pretty much very available in the old days.

After cooking, the burnt wood leaves this super fine white powdered ash leftover. And women in the old days, just wash their face with clean water, then put on the ash and leave it for a few minutes, afterwards they rinsed it with clean water.

These days, this old way of cleansing the face is still doable. However, it maybe difficult to obtain powdered ash, unless, you make it yourself which can be tedious.

Beauty soaps are still the most basic. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products from the convenience store or from those networking products.

Wash your face with lukewarm water, then create a lather or foam of soap and gently apply to face. Rinse it with cold water to close the pores.

Now remember that soap residues stay in the face after washing. Your face may be disinfected or rid free of bacteria, but those soap leftovers may stick to your pores and as a reaction, your face will react to these soap residues as foreign materials thus leading to pimples.

After washing with soap, apply cleansing product that has anti-bacterial solution. It gets rid of the soap leftovers and also provides protection to your face.

Products like Eskinol can really help. They have different variants which cater to different needs, but if your problem are pimples, your best option is the pimple-fighting variant, the one with the color green.

It is time, people and lab tested to really kill bacteria, reduce the pimple size overnight and have it removed completely after one day. It is also very effective in preventing pimples especially if you are exposed whole day outside.

(disclaimer: this article is not sponsored by Eskinol)


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