Julia Montes Shares Her Newest Achievement

Despite the busy schedule of her career as an actress, Julia Montes never stops learning.


She just graduated from the Center of Culinary Arts Manila.

The actress proudly shared her achievement via Instagram.

Julia posted a video of her graduation with caption, “This is one of the happiest moment of my life .,, of course thank you to my brother who came to support me in our Graduation Day … I love you so much [at]paolomhautea”

Julia Montes

Followers and fans of the actress were instantly posted their greetings for her.

Chellehemmings said, “Congrats [at]montesjulia08. We are so proud of you. Surely all your fans are happy of your achievements.”

Shayne_lovelyme also said, “Congrats [at]montesjulia08 we are so proud of you. You really inspire many people. .We love u !”

Then, Yamitanya said, “Congratulation. I’m sure your family is so proud of you ..Another dream come true.. Keep up the good work and achieve what your dream of .. You are now an official CHEF .. I can’t wait to eat in your Restaurant or Bake Shop … It’s time for you to open up a restaurant business have a joint venture with Coco from Farm to Table ..mr.rodelnacianceno [at]mr.cocomartin”

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