Juan Karlos Labajo to Dominate This 2017

Blessings upon blessings. 


Juan Karlos Labajo proves it’s not just about looks and talents. 

It’s about sheer dedication for craft, passion and professionalism and most importantly character.

A very good performing album, indicating his strong grip and passion in music. 

No wonder he is having his own concert by February 2017.

His latest single Sana Kung Pwede Lang is also doing well in radio rotations and even leading on Enchos.com Pop Top 10. 

Vote at Enchos.com/category/charts

 And of course he is part of the biggest romance drama series in 2017.

A Love To Last starring Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneration.

Juan Karlos credits it all to God, his family,  ABS and his fans who never fail to support him.

But let us credit JKL too.

Admit it he is truly in love with his craft and we can see how he pours his soul unto it.

Yet we can see how he enjoys all of it. Walang stress di ba? 

No wonder ABS execs and writers and directors love to work with him, ang gaan katrabaho says one insider.

And wow ha mga bigatin lahat ng mga directors na nakatrabaho ni JK, from PSY.

Tapos now Direk Jerry Sineneng. He is responsible for some of the biggest hits from Cinema to ABS teleseryes.

JKL has a bright future ahead indeed.

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